2020 Jaunu Rozā Persiks Sirds Suņa kaula formas DADDY&KUCĒNS sānslīdi kaklasaite Īss Clavicle Kaklarotas Modes Rotaslietas Meitene Cute Rotaslietas DDLG

€2.85 €4.08

Stils, garums 40cm

B stila garums 41cm

C stila garums 45cm


  • Sods vai Modes: Modes
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: LILICOCHAN
  • Vienuma Tips: Kaklarotas
  • Formas\raksts: Vēstule
  • Dzimums: SIEVIETES
  • Godu: Puse
  • Ķēdes Tips: NAV
  • Metālu Tips: Nerūsējošā Tērauda
  • Funkcijas: Garastāvoklis Tracker
  • Saderība: Visi Saderīgie
  • Stils: Gudrs/Romantiska
  • Kaklarota Tips: Chokers Kaklarotas

Tagi: modes sievietes, necklac, bdsm rotaļlietas, audums rozā, gudrs lieta, apkakle atraut, dekors sirds, panku stils, rotaslietas nerūsējošā tērauda, sānslīdi kaklasaite necklac.

Vereya Trikolor
Good quality, from the best shops. Equal to photo and both heart and plate are of very good quality. I bought several things in this store and everything was fantastic. I recommend 100% to seller and product.
S Hatzimichael
Looks just as depicted in the photos. Tag could be sturdier (I could see it being scratched easily) and the colour was a bit more salmon-toned than shown on my screen (have included a photo of what I thought the colour would be from another item from this seller) but it was still a good price for the aesthetic.

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