Sejas Maska Peter Pan Kartes Smieklīgi Atdzist Maskas

€3.88 €7.76

  • Pielāgotus/DIY Drukāt: Atbalstu.(Vajag bildes vai tekstu veikalā)
  • Izcelsme: Ķīna
  • Modelis Tips: Drukāt
  • Materiāls: Poliestera
  • Dzimums: VĪRIEŠI
  • Drošības standarts: NAV
  • Vienuma Tips: Maska
  • Aizsardzības klase: NAV

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Www Sahraoui213
This product did not satisfy me at all. 1) the 'print' is not printed on the fabric, but a plastic foil aplication, with a heat press. This will come loose while cleaning the mask. 2) the outlines show white background material, a very 'cheap' look. see pictures for reference of the issues. All together a not recommendable product! I bought about 20 protective masks from different producers, and ALL of them are way above this level of quality!

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